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VTA Entertainment, Inc. Racing Events

In partnership with Armchair Races, VTA Entertainment, Inc. can keep your party lively with Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound races presented on 16 MM film or Video Cassettes...all in brilliant color with many great photo finishes.  The filming takes place at renowned race tracks on actual racing days, with narration by top racing announcers.

Racing Events are great sources of entertainment for:

·         Hotels

·         Motels

·         Resorts

·         Bar / Restaurants

·         Parties

·         Sales Meetings

·         Conventions

·         Corporate Clubs

·         Country Clubs

·         Etc...

All standard programs come as a complete entertainment kit.  Included are:

·         Specially designed programs with "catchy" names and saddle cloth numbers of each entry in each race

·         Play Money

·         Padded collated and color coded mutual tickets with entry number and race number printed on each for verification and control

·         Padded and serial numbered combination tickets

·         Odds forms

·         Instructions

·         Your choice of 16 MM film or Video Cassettes

All programs will easily entertain from the smallest to the largest groups with ease.

We have found the right combination of exciting entertainment plus the easiest format to follow:

·         You're not a handicapper - NO PROBLEM - we supply INSTRUCTIONS that make this game child's play

·         Your guests have never attended a racing event - NO PROBLEM - there is NO PREVIOUS experience required to play this game.

Did you know that Horse Racing has the greatest attendance of all sports in the nation?  The action and fun are unbeatable and your guests will soon realize why.



Ladies and Gentlemen - Place Your Bets
With the program supplied your guests will place bets on their favorite entries.

Two (2) Minutes to Post
The excitement builds.

Follow your selections from the post parade to the starting gate, down the back stretch, through the turn, down the stretch to the finish line & Winners Circle.


With a minimum of effort and expense you can put out the maximum in Entertainment and fun around today!

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